What I do

You are busy focusing on what is important to your business and don't have time to become an expert in this website stuff. No worries!
I can help with that.

Quick. Easy. Done!

Small Business Websites

I build small business websites, blogs and portfolio websites on WordPress.

Content Management

You have enough on your plate for this website stuff. Can't someone else do it? Yes, I can!


A website without quality images is like a business meeting in rumpled t-shirts.

Website Analysis & Recommendations

Not sure what your next steps should be? I can point you in the right direction.

Staff Training & Seminars

Managing your own website? Learn techniques to make your content sparkle.

Project Coordination

I can guide your website project from conception to completion.

Why I do it


Design is about finding visual ways to solve problems. Its like putting together a puzzle. I find it very satisfying when all the pieces come together.


Web programming is another level to puzzle solving. Again, its putting the pieces together but in a logical and understandable flow - its more quantifiable than design work, but gives the same sense of accomplishment when you get it all working.


Ideas happens in chaos, but the execution of them comes from order. Proper planning and organizing feels as calming as symmetrical or repeated patterns.


I love learning new things, whether that is new information, new skills, or new ways of doing things. I also love helping and teaching people to do or understand and to help them help themselves in areas where they previously had no or little experience.
working for a boutique marketing agency, I have the experience and expertise to guide you through your website project successfully.

Case Studies

Diamonds in the rough. See what I could do to improve the presentation of a business through a website facelift. Small businesses know they need a website to reach customers but often don't have the expertise to put their best foot forward online.

It shouldn't cost more to get a good looking website than a bad one. The gains in professionalism and credibility a modern design gives to your business far outweighs the cost difference.

Have a look and see for yourself how a redesign can turn an old website into a gem.

Kelowna City Concert Band

See the makeover | see the original As a member of the Kelowna City Concert Band, I wanted to contribute more than by playing second flute. As a not-for-profit organization, all marketing is done by volunteers. Work is done as cost-effectively as possible. The current...

Eagle’s Nest B&B

See the makeover | see the original Website Makeover I selected this local Okanagan small business because I could see room for improvement on their visual presentation and content organization. Eagle’s Nest B&B website recommendations  Design Overall style –...

The Cake Box

Site makeover As a baking hobbiest, I am very much interested in helping other cake decorators grow their business and showcase their work. I’ve started a program called “I Built it” where I find a business I want to renovate and then show them an option of what their...



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